This is measuring dimensioning

Founders of InstruMMents wanted to create a company that made products they wanted and needed to use. They wanted to re-think and evolve capturing and using dimensions. We created the world’s first Dimensioning Instrument and a brand that reflects the passion of the founding team.

  • Year:
  • 2016–2017

World's first dimensioning instrument

Fastest way to understand shapes

One of the most important elements of becoming a designer is learning from peers seniors and those that came before us. Speed up your learning process by understanding the construction of iconic shapes. Compare concepts to reality. Quickly reference the curvature of your favorite designs. Or just quickly go between CAD and physical.

Get to detail design faster

While optical scanning is still a must to get complete and detailed point clouds, we need a way to grab quick reference curves. If you want to get reference sections and key curves in concept stage or maybe grab comfort curves and bolster sections of seats, 01 is the fastest, most elegant and convenient way to go from physical back to CAD.

Carry less

A dimensioning instrument and a pen/pencil/stylus. So elegant, versatile and compact, you’ll always carry it with you.

Connect and share

Automatically log dimensions and access them from anywhere, convert units on demand and share on the go.

Intuitively dimension

Dimension any object with a seamless one-hand roll, straight, curved or contoured.


01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum, and contained within a pen, pencil or stylus, 01 rolls to capture dimensions of any object, then logs, converts, and shares the dimensions through your mobile phone.


01 balances being the perfect dimensioning instrument, and the perfect writing instrument: it’s meant to be a must-have tool for every designer, craftsman, architect, engineer, draftsman and any maker. It is incredibly complex, yet feels ultimately simple while replacing something already in your bag, purse or pocket.


We selected the best craftsman to create different parts and systems, then set up assembly and testing for the product to come together seamlessly. To top off the experience, we inscribe each 01 with a signature of the owner.


  • Strategy and Creative Direction:
  • ––– Mladen Barbaric
  • ––– Minkyu Choi
  • Industrial Design:
  • ––– Minkyu Choi
  • ––– Kisae Kim
  • Art Direction:
  • ––– Denis Olenik
  • Graphic Design:
  • ––– Denis Olenik
  • ––– Olga Pechanko
  • Mechanical Engineering:
  • ––– Sungmoon Kim
  • ––– Kihyun Kim
  • ––– Bonggeun Kim
  • Electrical Engineering:
  • ––– Joseph Park
  • Firmware Engineering:
  • ––– Edgar Moon
  • Software:
  • ––– Haress Das
  • ––– Mengke Wang
  • ––– Justin Lee
  • Photography and CGI:
  • ––– Den Brooks
  • ––– Nastya Dudka
  • Ops:
  • ––– SK Kim
  • IP:
  • ––– Emmanuel Gillet
  • Project Management:
  • ––– Boris Barbaric
  • Video:
  • ––– B-Reel (London)
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